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[24 Aug 2006|03:54pm]


If you're seriously interested in Harry Potter, love Harry Potter discussions, love Harry Potter contests and quizzes, and make plenty of Harry Potter fanart/fanfiction, and want to make new friends, then this sorting community might just be for you. It's warm, welcoming, and fun. Come check us out!
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Hogwarts Elite [25 May 2006|09:28pm]



Hogwarts Elite is an elite sorting community. If you are looking for an active sorting community with numerous contests, hundreds of members and great discussions head on over to sorting_elite and fill out an application today.
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Support Me And My Friend? [05 Mar 2006|08:00pm]


It's Anti-Dakota Fanning
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[08 Dec 2005|09:53pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

wow.. ths community owns. i just found it, and i wasnt sure there were that many other harry haters.

so, obviously, i really hate the guy. (duh) but especially in the first and fifth books. its kinda understandable in the 1st, because hes 11 and JK was just starting writing, but i think he was wangsting a little too much. and in the 5th? i just wanted to slap him. just slap him like hermionie slapped malfoy. the constant yelling and skepticism and stupidity and rudeness and general HATE that he radiated just pissed me off. im 15 too, but i dont act like that! and sure, i guess he had a hard life and what not, but please. ^.^

oh, btw, im hannah, i go by flame, and, in addition to harry potter, love anime/manga, and the most random colection of music ever.

awesome community! <3

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[07 Dec 2005|12:21am]

Well as theres no posts on the new Harry potter movie i thought i should post a picture made by friend.
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[13 Sep 2005|09:39am]

[ mood | blah ]

These are obvious haters of Harry Potter:
and www.ihateharrypotter.com
Really amusing...

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[13 Sep 2005|08:54am]

Hey! Check out this community

Please say qaadira referrered you!
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New RPG [27 Aug 2005|06:45pm]

Order of the Phoenix United is set after the events of Half-Blood Prince and is canon-based (but with some twists, of course). Snape is in hiding and there's only one person he can trust. McGonagall has decided to keep Hogwarts open for anyone who seeks it's protection. Classes continue, but tension lies heavy and electric under the surface.
Voldemort's Death Eaters rampage throughout Wizarding England. He seeks to renew old alliances with vampires and Dementors as well as form new bonds with the weak and unscrupulous. Far from being happy about Snape's apparent murder of Albus Dumbledore, he keeps Snape at an arm's length, focusing on new recruits and other henchmen. Pettigrew has gone missing.

Things to know:
We are operating on the principle that Dumbledore asked Snape to kill him, although not everyone believes it. Each character has his or her own journal. Please be able to check your character journal's friend list at least once a day. Our former McGonagall is willing to adopt out her journal. ootp_united is only for announcements and OOC posts. All the play takes place on character journals. This roleplay is rated PG-13 (or equivalent in your area) and does not allow slash.

We have: Snape, Lupin, Hestia Jones, Tonks, George Weasley

We want:

Kids: Harry, Ron and Hermione. Harry has seemingly dissappeared, so he won't have any contact with the rest of the Wizarding World. Ron and Hermione have decided to return to Hogwarts. Hermione is also being asked to make Wolfsbane as part of an effort to convince more werewolves to join on the Order's side. For Harry, previous RP experience as Harry is required.

Adult Good Guys: Mad Eye Moody, any adult Weasley, any Hogwarts teachers, Rufus Scrimgeour. OCs are allowed on a case-by-case basis. OCs can include Aurors, other Ministry employees, recruits wanting to join the Order.

Adult Bad Guys: Narcissa, Bella, any known Death Eater, Voldemort. OCs allowed on a case-by-case basis. OCs can include spies, Death Eaters, werewolves.

Sign up at ootp_united
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[10 Jul 2005|09:47pm]

Uh-oh guys, looks like it's that time again! Another book from the master herself, JKR, is coming out in about five days...and oh, here we go again.

Brace yourself. The Emo-Fest has yet to begin. The Kicking and Screaming and Whining has not yet ensued.

That's right, my Fellow Harry Haters, Book Six: "Whiney Bastard Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince". Raise your hands if you started hammering your copy of "Order of the Phoenix" against the wall on page 8? I know I did! Lets see if we can make it to page 9 in this one!

And, yes, good. Another book for the Slytherins to lose the Quidditch Cup to the asshole himself Harry. I know I'm psyched. (Better note that there sarcasm). I get tired of jocks - that's all moron is. *shakes head*

Aye, well, all I know is, I was hoping the book would be called "Harry Potter and the Funeral of Doom" so that we can call book seven "Harry Potter and the Lack of Annoying Main Characters."
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Promotion [10 May 2005|04:21pm]
To all Harry Haters: I would like to promote the umbridgethesexy community. Please look around, leave some comments, and join if you like what you see.
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A New Community! [10 May 2005|06:53pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I have a brand new community and I want people to join!!! It's fudgexhagrid and all about Cornelious Fudge and Rubeus Hagrid loving each other!!!!


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[10 May 2005|03:34pm]

I'm promoting a new community!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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[19 Mar 2005|12:17am]


Hullo, I'm new to this community. However I am not new to the enjoyable passtime that is hating harry.

My friend Caitlinge expressed her equal hatred thorugh a nifty photo edit... thing...

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[30 Dec 2002|03:13pm]

Thought I'd post this here for your amusement. Explains how I feel about Harry...

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Stupid Potter [08 Dec 2002|06:13pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

So I'm back on my Harry-Needs-To-Die kick, especially with the Holiday season coming up. I'm quite glad that none of my friends have requested Harry fics, because I don't think I could handle it. I don't know how to write him, and he kind of makes me.. Want to vomit? Something to that effect.

He has no real talent (other than Quidditch and flying. He's an average student, who gets help on any challenge from Hermione and Ron. Without them he'd be cannon fodder. I hate that he gets all the credit. Bleargh.

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Rock on. [10 Nov 2002|07:56pm]

[ mood | amused ]


Well, looks like they hate Harry, too.

I'm Arden, BTW. And I love you all. Even if you are silent. ::GLOMPS::

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Harry? [01 Nov 2002|08:41am]

[ mood | pensive ]

I was thinking the other day... and I found that a very popular fic from Fiction Alley was... hrm. Almost impossible to read. Why? Because of the presence of Beefcake!Harry. I mean... what the hell?! HARRY IS NOT A MUSCLE MAN! He's a scrawny little kid with black messy hair. I do not believe that Harry is some incarnation of Superman. He really isn't. (And hoo-boy, do NOT get me started on Smallville's Clark as being compared to Harry. God. *stabs eyes*) That's just... no.

So... I don't know if any of you know which fic I'm talking about. I'm not dissing the fic by any means. But the presence of muscle-man!Harry made it completely impossible for me to read. And Hermione flaking out and swooning over him? My god. No. Just... no.

How do you all see Harry? Do you see him as a Man of Steel? Or do you see him as an oblivious, vulnerable and easily influence boy?

I'd like to know. *nods*

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[06 Oct 2002|07:50am]

[ mood | amused ]

Yes... what Krissy said. We do love Harry. To pieces and bits, actually. But there are times when I just want to strangle him, throw things at him... and it happens quite frequently in fanfiction. I know we aren't alone here, people! *flails*

So... if you ever get the urge to throw something sharp at Harry, please do so. But not too hard, because he still has to be in one piece for Draco. *snugs them* Such a love/hate relationship, I have with this boy. So oblivious... so caring... so SELFISH AND BRATTY AND COMPLETELY NOT LOOKING OUTSIDE OF HIS OWN BOX. *huffs and pathetically waves a Harry/Colin flag, that's shot to bits*

... ow. *wibbles*

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[06 Oct 2002|04:41am]

[ mood | hyper ]


When in actuality, we love Harry (to differing degrees), we just have to hate him, too! Whether its fanfic or canon, he still ignores people. Colin, Ginny... His reaction to Draco on the train. He doesn't always mean it, but it happens and he never seems to care how they feel about it.

In this community you can discuss why you hate Harry, but you can talk about why you like him, too! We do like him as much as we hate him. :)

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