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I was thinking the other day... and I found that a very popular fic from Fiction Alley was... hrm. Almost impossible to read. Why? Because of the presence of Beefcake!Harry. I mean... what the hell?! HARRY IS NOT A MUSCLE MAN! He's a scrawny little kid with black messy hair. I do not believe that Harry is some incarnation of Superman. He really isn't. (And hoo-boy, do NOT get me started on Smallville's Clark as being compared to Harry. God. *stabs eyes*) That's just... no.

So... I don't know if any of you know which fic I'm talking about. I'm not dissing the fic by any means. But the presence of muscle-man!Harry made it completely impossible for me to read. And Hermione flaking out and swooning over him? My god. No. Just... no.

How do you all see Harry? Do you see him as a Man of Steel? Or do you see him as an oblivious, vulnerable and easily influence boy?

I'd like to know. *nods*
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