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Stupid Potter

So I'm back on my Harry-Needs-To-Die kick, especially with the Holiday season coming up. I'm quite glad that none of my friends have requested Harry fics, because I don't think I could handle it. I don't know how to write him, and he kind of makes me.. Want to vomit? Something to that effect.

He has no real talent (other than Quidditch and flying. He's an average student, who gets help on any challenge from Hermione and Ron. Without them he'd be cannon fodder. I hate that he gets all the credit. Bleargh.
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MM... Yeah that's true Harry doesn't really have much talent and gets lots of help from Hermione and Ron... But after all, he saves Hogwarts and saves lots of people. Does that mean that average normal people like us could do that? I guess normal people could do the impossible.


January 2 2003, 00:03:28 UTC 15 years ago

Alright, you annoy me.

Harry is the star of the book. He's the Hero. He's the one that is focused on the most because most of the plot revolves around HIM. People who hate him make me sick. They really do. Don't send me a bunch of flames saying how much I suck. I'm expressing my opinion, which I have -every- right to. I -adore- Harry, and I don't see how people could hate him so much. He doesn't do ANYTHING to be hated in the first place.

Hermione and Ron are Harry's BEST friends. They're SUPPOSED to give him a lot of help and support. Just like Harry would do the same for them.

Harry is an averge boy, with a taste for Quidditch and and I quote you(iamabutterfly), "doing the impossible". Harry, with the help of his friends and strength can do anything.

LOLOL. I know I'm going to get flamed. -Don't- do it. I'm not going to listen.

It just really annoys me when people hate him.

Thanks for your time

I didn't really flame Harry Potter. I -love- Harry Potter and I guess you took my "flame" as an offense. I read your post and commented on it because I thought you said that Harry doesn't have much talent and he gets most of his help from others... Did I read your post wrong?

Well, I'm really sorry if you thought I hate Harry Potter... And I love Harry Potter as much as you do! And the cool thing is that I have a Harry Potter backpack and bike around my city with it. Do you call that me hating Harry Potter?

Sorry again, but please don't take my response before as an offense. Well, have a good day!
Hey, I am not the annonymous poster who replied to your comment. I'm not sure who that is, but I don't want you to get us confused.



June 7 2003, 22:15:12 UTC 14 years ago

hey guess what, have you ever read Goblet of Fire, because at the end, Harry kind of fights Voldemort BY HIMSELF. thanks.
Mmm, have you read GoF? 'Cos actually he has help, in the form of Mum and Dad. Thanks.


July 18 2003, 08:44:30 UTC 14 years ago

would love to see you fighting voldie one day. you may bring your two best friends AND your parents. lessee who wins, yeah?
Yeah, I'll get right round to kicking the arse of fiction.
What exactly did they do? They talked to him. Oooh, what help. All they were was reassurance. That does not qualify as help.

SHut up


August 11 2004, 09:56:53 UTC 13 years ago

Shut up harrys awesome and i hope all of you who diss him gho to hell
I'll go to hell then! who's coming with me? maybe one day we'll meat voldie there and ask him why he's been such an incapable?


July 13 2005, 23:21:12 UTC 12 years ago

"I'll go to hell then! who's coming with me?"
eminem. my dad's gone crazy...just felt like pointing that out
Just so you know... Harry also has to cope with the pressure of being a "marked man". There is a lot of pressure on him and he always rises to help his friends and family. I'm sure given the choice, Harry would very much rather NOT to be the one who fights Voldemort and get into dangerous situations. :)
I actually really don't like Harry's character. He's not that interesting of a character because he's not overly complex and he tends to be very self-centered. I've actually only read OotP once because I couldn't stand the way he behaved in it. His speedy repent in HBP was nice, but perhaps a little too late.

I guess I just don't buy him as a hero; he's got too much of the sort of Hamlet complex of being the brooding anti-hero. He's not a hero because he's too selfish. He spends too much time asking, "Why me?" instead of "What can I do to help other people?" A real hero doesn't waste time pitying him- or herself for having to take on the hero role; the hero puts him- or herself aside for the sake of others. That's true bravery and sacrifice. This is why he's only a normal boy; any normal boy would wonder how he got into such a situation, but would never move on emotionally from this sort of loss of self to actually help others. Harry just keeps returning to his loss, over and over again. For this reason, he can't be a true hero.